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Oops I Farted!

Oops I farted, oops I burped.
George and Harold, funny funny every day.
Starting to get hungry, let's have lunch together.
My mom makes best soup.  It's #1 in the world.
It has a secret thing in there that makes me happy.
Potato, onion, carrot, eggplant,
Cabbage, soybean, garlic, ginger.

Oops I farted , oops I burped.
George and Harold like to eat every day.
Starting to get hungry, let's have dinner together.
My mom is the best cook.  She's #1 in the world.
It is smells so good.  Makes me happy.
Spaghetti, meat sauce, meatloaf, beef stew,
Mashed potato, gravy, pork chops, corn bread.
Oops I farted , oops I burped.

My dad cooks sometimes.  It's not like my mom does.
But always fun to watch him, and always
I have to help him.
Grilled cheese sandwich, omelet, hashed browns.
hot dog, BBQ, macaroni cheese.
Oops I farted , oops I burped.

Talking Toilets Coming Soon!
Behind this door is an army of
evil vicious talking toilets.
Run away, run away,
“yum, yum, Eat ‘em up,” toilets chanted.

Run to the school’s kitchen,
smells like tomorrow’s lunch.
Large vat of green and sludgy,
slingshot at talking toilets.

“Run away, run away!”,
came from inside Patsy 2000.
Big trouble, very serious,
Talking Toilets Coming Soon!

Suddenly, terrible CRASH!
Turbo Toilet 2000.
Captain underpants leaped on to the Turbo Toilet,
fighting for truth and justice.

Big trouble, very serious,
Turbo Toilet 2000 ate Captain Underpants.
Run away, run away.
We believe in pants power.

Run away, run away.
Please, please save Captain Underpants.
George and Harold
save the world again.

Run away…
Big trouble…

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All about captain underpants!
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